Drug Uses

Female Cialis is an effective drug that is given for Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) and Female Sexual arousal Disorder (FSAD). The drug also arouses sexual urge and also provides the greatest sexual satisfaction.


  • When compared to Female Viagra, the effect of Female Cialis lasts longer, about 48 hours;
  • Increases testosterone levels in blood;
  • Boosts libido in women;
  • Increases sexual urge;
  • Very sensitive to stimulation;
  • Multiple climaxes;
  • Effective in females with hysterectomy and those having menopause before 50 years.

How to use

An oral drug, Cialis for women has to be taken about 45 minutes ahead of any sexual activity. Once taken, you can have immense pleasure for the next 24 hours. One should not take more than the prescribed dosage as an overdose will only increase the risk of side effects.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Female Cialis acts by increasing the flow of blood in the genital parts. Women taking Female Cialis can also experience sensitivity in their vaginal parts, which leads to more lubrication. All these help a woman to get the maximum sexual satisfaction.

Missed Dose

If you have missed a female Cialis dosage, skip that missed one and continue with your regular dosages. Never take two doses at the same time.


Female Cialis should be stored at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C). The drug should be kept away from moisture, heat and light. Keep the drug out of reach of children.

Female Cialis Package

Sexual Health

Having satisfactory sex is the desire of every person but there are many people who remain unable to get sexual satisfaction in the end of activity. There could be multiple reasons for not having satisfactory sex but majority of people find problem when they are suffering from any sexual problem. Such people never go for sexual problem treatment. Some of them feel embarrassment to tell someone that they are suffering from a sexual problem. Even they do not consult with a professional doctor about the treatment of their sexual problem. Such people depends more on bookish knowledge and experience of others people and try to treat the problem with that knowledge. Well, some people get positive results but it is not the right way to get rid of sexual problem when you are not interested in telling other about it. People should consider this thing because it is bad not to consult with a professional doctor regarding the treatment of sexual problem. The first approach of every person should be that they try to avoid sexual problems. They can include healthy activities in their routine schedule for this purpose and can work on it to avoid them as much as possible. Diet is also plays vital role in causing any medical problem so by keeping the diet in control people can avoid both general medical problems and sexual problems. A healthy diet means taking that food which is good for health and contains only required amount of proteins and vitamins. Especially, those foods should be avoided which can cause increase in blood pressure, and cholesterol level. High blood pressure is considered as mother of major health problems. Most of the problems are caused by this so one should try his level best keep the blood pressure in control.

Women face several kinds of sexual problems but the common one is loss of libido. In this problem, the woman cannot reach to orgasm. Such a woman cannot get sexual satisfaction in the end, no matter how much time she spends in sexual intercourse. Such women need to take prescribed medicines through which they will be able to get rid of this sexual problem. The prescribed medicines should be used to given period of time and only recommended dose need to be taken otherwise serious health problem can occur. Some women have sexual problem in which they remain unable to produce enough eggs which should be in ovary for proper fertilization after sexual intercourse. In this problem, the chances of becoming pregnant are very less. There is a proper treatment in order to get rid of this sexual problem. Women who experience any of above mentioned problems must contact health care provider immediately otherwise it might be difficult for them to handle the problem. Use of medicines can also cause different side effects so user should be prepared to handle any of such situations. Moreover, the user should be in contact with her doctor so that everything related to health can be told.

Causes and treatment of sexual dysfunction

Problems are the part of our life. We should face them manfully. Some problems are related to finance while some are related to health. Financial problems can be resolved easily but health problems may cause a lot of problem. It is necessary for all people that they should pay great attention towards their health. click here

Do Women need Weekend Pills like Cialis?

Pharmaceutical companies seem to be in a great hurry to rush up and patent drugs for women as alternative to Cialis .

No doubt in case of men, the pill Cialis also known as wonder pill has seen unprecedented demand in the market, the companies are wanting to explore the huge potential that lies in unexplored market for a similar product for women. click here

Women and Cialis

Cialis is not commonly used in women because the tissues women have do not produce the chemical that is used in the process of erection. This type of chemical is only found in men and it makes sure that the valves in the penis are open wide enough to allow in more blood and make sure that they are closed after the chambers that stores it are full and no blood would be allowed to go out after they close. click here

Women’s Libido got Endorses

Every human has some sort of wishes which is necessary to be fulfilled. As food, water and air is necessary for living and without these no human can survived, similarly Sex is also an important part of life which enhance the happiness of life. It is also an important and basic need of every human being men and women. click here

Women better watchout

Women sure are seeing good times. However with empowerment and freedom come very many pitfalls that one needs to avoid too. Today’s lifestyle is driving women to be highly independent. Internet and modern comforts have made her even more independent. Women who are focused on building their careers and chasing professional and financial goals tend to put aside any plans for marriage or raising a family for they neither have the time nor the desire to focus on family issues. click here

Pain-Reliever decreases women’s Fertility

Fertility in men and women plays an important part to bless them with a baby child. Infection in one of them may cause the problem for both of them. Many of the reasons which may cause the infertility in women and among those one nominated reason is the high use of the pain reliever medicines. click here

Some women gain and some lose the weight

According to a new study, some women may find more benefit in doing a particular exercise than others and it is because of their genes. In this study, they divided women into two categories depending upon specific genetic markers. It was found that women who had those genetic markers increased their weight after doing workout in a strength training program for a year. click here

Small Issues Make Big Impact

Every girl child is very conscious of her looks and beauty. It is but natural that the teens and youth pay more attention to their looks and dress in order to look beautiful. Every girl has an image of herself in her mind and will pursue actions to realize that image. That self image would naturally be based on her idea of beauty cultivated from observing other people. This self image is an important factor that plays a critical role in building up of the character and growth of the personality. click here

Why people lose their Sexual health?

It is not easy to avoid so many health problems but if a person follows some golden rules then he can obviously decrease the frequency of getting health problem. These golden rules can be followed by any person and they help a lot in improving health fitness a lot. The first rule is to take healthy diet always rather than depending upon junk food which is extremely unhealthy for the body. Basically, the use of junk food increases the cholesterol level of body and thus favors many health problems to attack on body. click here

Healthcare Awareness Is Essential For Women

Healthcare advances in the medical field have made a huge difference to the lives of millions of women all over the world. Women are susceptible to several health issues owing to hereditary factors, environmental factors, lifestyle and constant challenges faced in playing multiple roles as well as due to gender bias, socio economic status and natural biological and social processes that they undergo from time to time. It is important for women to safeguard their health not only for their own sakes but for the sake of the wellbeing of their family and dependants too. click here

Nature and Procreation

Men are from mars and women from Venus. This is true entirely for the mental makeup of both is totally different. Though we say that men are ruled by logic and reason and women by feelings, there is also the fact that in every man there is a softer feminine side to him and in every woman there is a stronger masculine strength of character. click here

Health supplements for women - are they safe?

What is most important to a woman compared to loosing weight? That's atop of their list. Loosing weight besides keeping them fit, it has made it possible for them to win top position in leading companies. However, it does not mean that you be fit before you get any rewarding job. Health leaves you presentable. click here

Use natural oils to avoid wrinkles

Every woman wants to look beautiful, healthy and smart. For this purpose, she remains ready to spend their money as well as their time. But most of them do not know how they can improve the health and fitness level. Besides this, it is difficult to stop the person from getting face wrinkles because they show the age factor. click here

Ways to improve women health and fitness

Health and fitness is important, that is why is health has ever been referred to beauty and wealth. Well, that is exactly what women say. Since there is nothing which exists and is important than your health, there is no pint that opposes this belief. There are many health advices that you can obtain from the current market. Thus, you have to be careful on which you will employ to help you reduce weight without fear of side effects. click here

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